New Job and a Late (Facebook-Close Set) (17/100)

I started working at new sales company which has been great. A lot of the skills they are teaching me such as, freedom from outcome, building and holding confidence, speaking with passion and excitement (something I struggle with), and staying in the social ‘zone’. These were easy to pick up as i’d been working on them for a couple of years but it was just re-enforcing that all game is just simple social interaction. I think I agree with Tyler/Owen from RSD when he said that, “The game isn’t hard, people just make it hard and over complicate it”.

I wish to keep my employer anonymous as I quite like the idea of having thoughts published without an ‘owner’ so to speak.

I’d just finished work. I waited around for a bit to look at a flat but realising it was quite far away I decided to pass on it. I did some quick grocery shopping then headed to the bus stop. I sat down next to two young girls. I was shattered, probably sweaty, and not in an overly sociable mood. They had some kind of european accent. I didn’t say anything to them for a few minutes. I was too tired and didn’t really care too much. One was attractive and the other, not so much; at least to me.

I decided to say something. Without hesitation I asked them what bus they were getting. It was the same one I was waiting for. I asked them where they were from, “Germany”, they replied. I laughed and told them I had met so many german girls over here.

They were here back packing around. They’d been to New Zealand and then to Australia. We joked around and talked about our travels. They spoke english very well so it made it easy. Our bus came and we got on together. I sat beside them on the bus and we continued talking and joking around.

They had to fly back home on Sunday so I knew nothing much would come of this. I decided to grab their Facebook details incase our paths crossed again or if I ever needed a place to stay while traveling Europe. We wished each other well and they got off the bus.

I was happy these were getting easier and easier. Though this one was quite bland and there wasn’t much of a chance to escalate. I think between working in sales, self improvement and being here by myself has improved my confidence and social skills exponentially even over just the last 6 weeks. I do want to be opening more sets where I do get more of a chance to escalate and kino. I think these may have to be in a time of week when people are more open and in social environments and not just waiting for the bus with her friend.


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